Thea Fine, Maker of Wearable Bead Woven Art

      After a career in national health policy, Thea (Teddi) Fine returned some years ago to her first love: creating jewelry with tiny glass beads, a needle and thread in a process known as bead weaving. She first learned to work with beads as a child, taught by her maternal grandmother, Rose, a Renaissance woman who never met a craft she didn’t love.
      While beading is often exacting and methodical, Thea  finds “playing with beads” wonderfully freeing and artistically satisfying.  Each piece of what she calls “wearable bead art” is artist-sewn, one grain-of-sand-size glass bead at a time.  Beads of varying color may be paired with crystal, semiprecious stones or found objects to create the optimal palette of hues, textures and finishes to bring a design idea to life. Then, the Zen of bead weaving begins.

For more about Thea, CLICK HERE.

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