Cyd Rowley On Her Beautiful Creations and Craft Shows

The focus of my work is the creation of small, three-dimensional vessels worn as pendants around the neck.  They’re meant to hold something that makes us feel grounded, connected, and vital. By providing a place on the body to carry things such as scented cloth, essential oils, an intention or prayer, or a memento, these pieces enhance our sense of wellbeing. 

I have always been intrigued by the meaning that jewelry takes on for the wearer, beyond style or fashion.  I’m interested in the way it says something about who we are and the way that jewelry connects us to our family, our history, our culture and even to ourselves.  
I love meeting the women who collect my work.  They are vibrant and self-aware and love having a piece of jewelry they can personalize.  I particularly enjoy showing at the Academy Art Museum Craft Show as it attracts an enthusiastic and switched-on crowd, it’s fun to be part of this experience, and the museum and staff are so welcoming to all participants.

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